“Sponsor A Day at RIHTS” - Temple Fund Raise

Starting March 2021, RIHTS launched “Sponsor A Day at RIHTS” fundraising to pay for the temple day to day maintenance activities. As a token of appreciation, temple performs a special pooja service in your name on the day of your choice and offers Nitya Archana everyday for a month. Please click below link for details.

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Upcoming Events

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Temple Visiting Guidelines

  • Devotees are recommended to wear masks inside the temple.
  • Devotees must sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizer placed at the entrance.
  • Devotees are not allowed to touch any items near the deities and requested not to enter kitchen or dining areas.
  • RIHTS will not accept any liability because of devotees visit.

We request all devotees to understand that these guidelines are designed for the benefit of Devotees, Priest and Volunteers and cordially request to follow the guidelines strictly.

!May the blessings of Sri Siddhi Vinayaka be always with you!

Past Special Events