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Pooja Item List for: Ayusha Homam

Agarbatthi1 pkt
Aluminum Foil Trays4 big
Betel Leaves15 (3 pkts)
Betel Nuts (cut)50 grams
Blouse Pieces1
Camphor1 pkt
Disposable Cups15
Dry Coconuts2 halves
Dry Fruit Mix1 lb
Elachi Powder10 grams
Flowers3 bunches
Fruits5 types, 5 each
Ghee1 bottle (28 oz)
Kum-Kum50 grams
Lamps2 (with oil and wicks)
Mango Leaves10 (2 pkt)
PrasadamAny sweet
Rice5 lbs
Rice (Cooked)3 cups
Saffron1 box
Turkish towel1 big (White)
Turmeric Powder50 grams
Wooden Spoons2 small